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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life's difficulties in our every day work

You may be wondering at the title. Well, we all have things that happen. Take me, for instance. I just got up a head of steam, and my computer died! Yep...that blue screen of death is the only thing I'm getting on MY computer.

So, what am I using? I'm using my daughters lap top! It's definitely a learning experience for me. For one thing, I'm used to XP; this has VISTA! Then, it's so small; I keep having to use the darn zoom to read what I've written!

All of my stuff was saved to my computer, my pics, my sign ins...you name it, this old brain has to remember it! What ever you do folks, please use some sort of back up for all your files. But, keep it currant! It can't help much if you back it up once, and loose everything 6 months later. (trust me, I know!)

What is really bad is I signed up for the Auctiva Merchant Store, free for 30 days! Now, I am going to call them or email them tomorrow to see if I can get this extended or anything. I have some of my stuff saved to data stick, but this computer does not like to open them with out a fight.

All in all, though, it could be worse. I could be completely without a computer. I'm grateful for my daughter, and her lap top...even though I cuss it at each and every bulk! LOL Thing is, I CAN continue to work on some things, like my Zazzle...(I save most of those pics to photo-bucket, and the rest I can re-take.)

The best part is I can work all day outside on my back porch...that's the picture you see. So, even when things happen, calm down, figure out a different strategy, and do it! YOU might be able to enjoy your back porch while YOU work!


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