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Monday, May 18, 2009

EAPG...JB Higbee's Alfa AKA Rexford called Euclid Celery Vase

A BIG howdy, Folks!

I have an announcement to make; two, actually. The first one is major for us...we are selling on eBay again! Yep, Were going to sell our EAPG...JB Higbee's Alfa AKA Rexford,Euclid Celery Jar!

We changed our name on eBay to jimmyorshell...we are striving to make life easier for all. So folks, please save it;>).

OK to get down to business. I know all you EAPG glass collectors are gnashing at the bit...Of course, SOME of you are wondering, WHAT the heck is EAPG GLASS???? Welllllll! EAPG stands for Early American Pattern Glass.Very desirable glass.
Now, the story:

As most of you know, we moved to a real house. (no more apartment...yippee!)As I was going through a box of stuff that had been stored from a couple of years ago (no room in that apartment), I ran across what I thought to be a big sugar bowl with a lid
Being friends with The Glass Guru, Dar Sayre, I sent her an email and pictures. Dar was unable to ID it, so she asks some friends of hers on EAPG Group,Jon and Sid...And this is what I was told:

The J B Higbee Glass Company produced this pattern from 1903-1907
it was also produced by the New Martinsville Glass Company circa 1919 and called Rexford. It is early american pattern glass, and is a celery vase. (Celery was expensive and hard to come by in those days.)

I'm showing you the glass without the lid,'cause it did not come with a lid...but that's OK, 'cause the lid turned out to be EAPG too; and it's already sold! If you'd like to drool over it, here is the Nova Scotia Diamond Ray Sugar Lid

I'm going to start the Celery Vase on eBay Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 7PM EST...It will run for 3 days...remember 3 days... It will end Tuesday, May 26 ( my daughters Birthday!) at 7 pm EST.

Measurements are: Approx. 6 inches tall; 4 1/2 inches across the top;3 1/2 inches across the base.

So folks, don't miss our first "back to eBay" auction! If you have questions, please ask...we can not answer them until we see them.

Now, for my second announcement: My friend Beth Cherkowsky won a website! The URL is:

http://www.antiquedaze.com/...Now, Beth is trying to get her "stuff" into the Website, so if you go,and there is nothing there, it's because she's still working on it! I'm not tellin' ya any more...go look!

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