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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My friend...Beth Cherkowsky!

Hello Folks!

Today I am so very excited. I have one of the smartest ladies online with me today, Beth Cherkowsky! She is the owner of my OBS group, and if not for her, I would of given up on the internet and my work here a long time ago. So, without further ado...

Beth is an avid blogger,

The Compulsive Collector &...

OnlineSellingForFunandProfit at: http://onlinesellingforfunandprofit.blogspot.com/

Now, to the interview: )

Q. 1. What all venues do you sell from online?

Ebay http://www.depressionglasswarehouse.com is my ebay store.




Biblio books

And... Amazon.

Q. 2. What are your selling id's one those venues?


Q. 3. What do you sell?

Primarly depression glass, books and china but also collectibles of any genre and any era

Q. 4. What are you passionate about?

Most passionate is either depression glass – I love the colors and the patterns or Cameos...I collect those. I have about 35.

Q. 5. If you where to be given $5,000 to invest, how would you invest it?

Right now? I’d pay down my son’s school loans or buy a car. I know that’s a terrible investment but try walking 35 miles to see your sister...takes days. (I might also buy stock...like eBay and AIG are both undervalued right now. )

LOL! What a characture! Thank you, Beth:>)

Tune in tomarrow for yet another interview.


1 comment:

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Thanks MArshell. You're so kind!

We're both gonna do ok!


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