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Thursday, February 26, 2009

SUPER List Explode - See Your Email List Suddenly Explode

Hello folks!

Boy, this has been a very busy time for us, and very stressful, too. As some of you might know, we have been looking for a house we could buy; we thought we had one! But, alas, it's not to be...As some really good friends tell me all the time " Things happen for a reason"...

Since we need to keep looking, I've stepped my online presence. Jimmy's been working his physical job, so that leaves me to run our online business. I have been looking for a good place to advertise for free; to get the message out. I think I've found a winner!
Super List Explosion is a free list builder, but not like a lot of those slap to it ones out there.

Yes, you do get a lot of email, but I use Yahoo, and I simply use the filter...they go straight into their own folder...and I get them all. Now, if you do not want these emails coming into your email, I believe you can set your page to " NOT receiving email to ISP box - using SLE email box instead"...I do not use this , I am ADHD and if it's not in my inbox at Yahoo chances are I'll forget! So, if you are forgetful ...Another thing I Really like is the owner explains things, right away, on the page, AND, asks your opinion! You can vote on how you want things...

Another good point I want to make here, is you only need to read 5 emails to send to your list, and you'll get to send to the folks who have joined in the last 24 hours from the time you email the last list...in other words...if I sent out and email to the list at 5pm Sun., and 600 people sign up between 5pm Sun. and 5 Pm Mon. as long as I have read 5 emails, I get to send an email to those folks!

Right now, my personal list is 950 subscribers! I joined on 02-20-2009...6 days ago; not bad, huh? And all I did was read a few emails. There is no time limit to how long you have to stay on the page, so if you get to something you know you are not interested in, you can just close it and go to the next email...and still get credit!

The funny part is I took 3 days to read it all and even start reading the emails...I actually deleted all of them for a few days! Here is the link to this:

SUPER List Explode - See Your Email List Suddenly Explode: http://www.srlistexplode.com/?mid=marshell

Go check it out...you might just be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and another thing; you can also make your own advertising banner. I used an old picture I had on Photo Bucket ans turned it into a banner for my Baby News Paper affiliate site...What's that you ask? OH! Here it is!
( http://jimandmars.riseup2.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=JESUS777 ;)

You can also go to my friends page and check it out: http://www.superlistexplode.com/friends.php?page=marshell

Well folks, I have to go; enjoy your day, and smile at someone, it viral!

Marshell...Jimmy's Better Half...(LOL)

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