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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interview with a Glass Guru

Hello folks!

Welcome to another update on our blog. Today I have the honor and privilege to introduce you to one of my good friends, Dar. I met Dar about a year ago, online in a group called "Online Business Success", in Yahoo groups.

OBS is a group of folks, mostly women, who sell on several venues; mostly online. We have a few people who sell in flea markets, yard sales, craigslist...you name it, one of us has probably sold it there!

But, back to Dar... Dar sells mainly glass; as a matter of fact, she has just unveiled her new blog:

...http://darsayre-theglassguru.blogspot.com/...boy do I love that name! The Glass Guru...and she is!!!

With a Feedback score on eBay of 100 % Positive, and being a member since Jan-25-04; I'd say so far she has done very well in her online venture.

Now, our interview...

Q. 1. What all venues do you sell from online?

A. I sell on ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/Dars-Glass-and-More?refid=store?refid=store

Bonanzle: http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/darsayre

and have my own website: www.recallingthepast.com

Q. 2. What are your selling id's one those venues?

A. darsayre...I seem to be darsayre everywhere.

Q. 3. What do you sell?

A. I sell vintage glass, books, really anything I think can make money and buyers are looking for.

Q. 4. What are you passionate about?

A. I am passionate about glass and antiques, but glass is my love.

Q. 5. If you where to be given $5,000 to invest, how would you invest it?

A. If I were given $5000.00 I would buy glass...carnival glass, Vaseline glass, silver plate stands for brides baskets and pickle jars and toothpick holders.That's what I invest in....

Thank you, Dar! If you liked Dar's answers, and would like to follow her blog, go for it! I love her story about Degenhart Glass...she knew them as a child...WOW!

All right folks, tune in tomarrow when I will be interviewing my friend Mel...Melinda Jackson, that is, from Galleria Gifts; also an Assistant Organizer of the Dallas eBaybes & eMales eBay Seller Group.

Thanks for reading,


1 comment:

birdhousebooks said...

Great job! I enjoyed reading your interview with Dar.


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